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Made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe and reliable.

  • Egg breaking machine
  • Egg water loading machine
  • Egg cleaning machine
  • Egg Liquid Filter
  • Egg peeling machine
  • Quail egg boiling &peeling process line
  • Egg knocking machine

Egg breaking machine is used for breaking and separating eggs. The egg breaking machine produced by our company uses the principles of physics to knock eggs, which can meet the needs of white and brown eggs.
Egg breaking machine
  • SUS304 food-grade stainless steel
  • have separating egg yolk and egg white
  • ensure no eggshell debris
  • with an overload clutch
  • improve the work efficiency
  • low the labor cost-effectively

Egg water loading machine, which uses the buoyancy of water to transport the eggs to the next processing procedure through the water tank conveyor belt.Egg water loading machine can be equipped with egg boiling and peeling system ,egg breaking system , and egg peeling system.
Egg water loading machine
  • SUS304 food-grade stainless steel
  • special roller design
  • no hurt to the eggs
  • low breakage rate
  • easy to clean and move
  • imports the most advanced production technology

Egg cleaning machine can perform automatic cleaning, preservation, grading and packaging of poultry eggs, which greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.
Egg cleaning machine
  • uses swing brush to clean
  • high-pressure water spraying
  • with a fan blower to dry
  • SUS304 food-grade stainless steel
  • easy maintenance, improve work efficiency
  • work with egg breaking machine to sterilization

Egg Liquid Filter is designed for a filtrating broken eggshell or another impurity that still remains in the egg liquid.This filter adopts double-pipeline filtering, can filter the liquid twice and make the eggshell very pure and quite meet food industry requirement
Egg Liquid Filter
  • High efficiency in filtering egg liquid impurity
  • saves energy and laborers
  • larger working efficiency
  • stable performance
  • SUS304 material
  • low noise

Egg peeling machine water supply is recycled water and through multiple layers of filtering, easy to clean, sanitary, and safe, and the transmission part is driven by imported chains to reduce chain wear. Egg Peeling Machine can shell eggs in high eficiency and with lttle breakage.
Egg peeling machine
  • Feeding and discharging automatically labor cost saving
  • Easy maintenance, low breakage rate of eggs
  • Special roller design. No hurt to the eggs
  • SUS304 food-grade stainless steel
  • High efficiency, low breakage rate
  • Automatic collect eggshell

Quail egg boiling & peeling process line includes quail egg feeding system, precooking&yolk centering system, high temperature boiling quail egg system, cooling system, shelling&lifter system, and quail egg peeling system.
Quail egg boiling & peeling process line
  • Larger productivity, energy saving, environmental protection
  • Long service life and reliable working performance
  • No damage to egg surface, very low breakage rate
  • Wide usage and highly automatic operation
  • Easy to maintain and clean, low noise
  • SUS304 food-grade stainless steel

The egg knocking machine automatically separates the egg liquid, which is suitable for eggs of different sizes. The egg breaking machine is divided into two modes, one is whole egg liquid, and the other is egg white and yolk separate.
egg knocking machine
  • can meet the automatic egg breaking and separation
  • high egg breaking rate and high separation rate
  • beneficial to the workers to eliminate bad eggs
  • made of 304 stainless steel
  • can be caught accurately
  • cleaned automatically

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focuses on the production of egg processing machinery and equipment and continuously develops various types of egg breaking machines, and shelling and peeling production lines. Major in manufacturing and selling egg process machines. The main products are the egg peeling machine, egg breaking&cracking machine, quail egg peeling machine, salted egg & liquid egg production line.
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